The “Best” Jimmy Jib Manufacturer in TURKEY

15 years ago, we noticed the supply deficit on the market and enter the sector for creating demand. Our aim is to produce more than the number of imported goods on the market and it was originally intended to increase domestic production. We started with excitement and passion but encountered many difficulties and negativities in the adventure. After a long and intensive R & D study period, we offered our first product to the market. With the pride of being the first native Jimmy Jib, we have been highly motivated by our customers positive feedbacks.

With the proliferation of demands, we started to work harder and work day by day to train our customers’ demands. We continued to do the firsts and provided the production of the 12-meter Jimmy Jib. In parallel with our development in production and service speed, we have worked with Iraq, Dubai, Azarbeycan, Middle East and Asia; Germany, Holland, France and Europe, and finally the United States. Our work discipline, our work ethic, our honesty, our zero error in production made us to be successful in the outer market.

We have received great interest in national and international fairs and we noticed our succes.
The market has accepted that we are offering the best price while manufacturing in world standards. We are also number one in domestic production and are said to be loud. We are already assertive in this regard.

That is why we can say that our products can be disassembled and installed in an unlimited number of times, that we are using lifelong materials, easiest to transport and fastest installation. At the same time, we the best price guarantee among the producers in our standards. Of course there is aesthetic design and perfect working performance.

We are waiting you to our office to trying our products. So you can understand why we trust our products in this level.

You are all invited.