Jimmy Jib ( Camera Crane Systems )

Since May 2003, when Maynmedia started production of Camera Crane systems known as Jimmy Jib, it constantly renews itself and meets the needs of the Broadcast Production and Film industry especially in America, Sweden, Germany, Azerbaijan, Middle East and all of Turkey.

Various Tv channels, Cinema, Short film, Advertisement, Clip, Production, Live broadcast organizations and all kinds of needs are responded to your service was offered by us.

Product Range

SMaynmedya offers you plenty of choices in its product range, serving 7.6 m, 9.1 m, 10.6 m and 12 m (as Turkey Record). Also we are serving in line with your wishes and needs.
You can use all our products safely and comfortably in any production.
The advantage of Visicon Jimmy Jib over other products is economical price, stocked spare parts and 24/7 service.
All our products pass the intense and demanding tests and our all products have “2 year guarantee”.
Our Jimmy Jibs are made of Full Alloy Aluminum and are designed to serve you in all weather conditions for many years.
Our Jimmy Jips are sensitive and robust, they will be indispensable productions with ease of use in all conditions …
360º dutch
3D modeling, Laser cutting …
All the parts produced with CNC technology …
Standard and error-free mass production …
We are proud to produce Turkey’s BEST Jimmy Jib.
We are producig in Turkey, we are selling all over the world.


We just started to produce ” Steadycam ” which is ultra stable camera system.
We are on final process and making plan to get ready that bad boy on 2014.
Mayn Media Steadycam products comes with three different sizes and will be affordable prices.
You can pre-order and receive a special 13% discount.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.
Please Let us know if you have any question.

Pro Jib (Porta Jib – Mini Jib)

Your production (Cinema, Series, Advertisement, Clip, Promotional film) gains 3rd dimension with Pro Jib.

You can add unlimited movement and effects in tight spaces with ease use of Pro Jib in tough conditions …
Easy to use, install, reaching a height of 2 meters, transport in any place and any condition…
Pro Jip will be your productions’ indispensable.

Remote Head

You can easily use any kind of camera on it.
You can use all kind of cameras on it such as Mini DV, DVCAM, XDCAM, BETACAM, HDCAM, 3D HDCAM, 35 mm.
Zoom, Focus and Iris controls can be added according to the your camera and depending on your request.
Potentiometer Joystick control, 360 ° Pan and Tilt movement, Speed and Ramp settings will give you easy and sensitive operation opportunity.
You can use it as a Robot camera separately from Jimmy Jib in your productions or Studio environment.

Control Box

Remote Head’s all controls are on Control Box.
It has Pan, Tilt, Dutch, Speed, Ramp, Rec, Zoom, Focus, Iris settings.
It meets all the needs of the operator.

Cold Light (Cold Light Systems)

It is easy to use and provides low consumption heat energy for TV, Production, Bluebox, Greenbox, Photo Studio and all outdoor needs.

Our lights produced as 2 × 55, 4 × 55, 6 × 55, 8 × 55 watts Florasan, 3 × 30 watts Leds and have proved themselves in many TV studios.

We can make light project for you according to your studio or purpose of use.

Robust, Light and Economical Cold Light production…