STEADYCAM (Camera stabilization systems)

We produce Turkey’s first professional Steadycam.
Steadycam allows you to shoot smoothly moving images and it’s camera transport tool that add motion on the TV, Movies, Ads, Videos, live events.
Standard and error-free production with laser and CNC technology.
Light weight, sturdy and stable.
Stocked spare parts and 24/7 service advantage.
All of your needs are made suitable production such as SD, HD and CINE*.

Maynmedya Steadycam advantages
New technology Fault-free production with laser and CNC technology.
Flexible design that can respond to all kinds of needs such as SD, HD and CINE.
Standard hardware monitor and Power supply.
Lightweight, robust, functional body.
Standard (metric) stocked spare parts and 7/24 service.
* Professional Steadycam is produced by our company for the first time in Turkey.